What drives your people?

Employee engagement is creating the right conditions to help employees remain committed and connected to their organizations. Some examples are involving employees in your business planning process, recognition programs, or working together to give back to the community. gothamCulture partners with clients to design and implement engagement programs tailored to their needs. 


“The Towers Perrin Talent Report (2003) identifies the top ten workplace attributes which will result in employee engagement. The top three among the ten drivers listed by Perrin are: Senior management’s interest in employees’ well-being, Challenging work and Decision making authority.”
Kompaso, S. M., & Sridevi, M. S. (2010). Employee Engagement: The Key to Improving Performance. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(12). doi: 10.5539/ijbm.v5n12p89

After surveying 10,000 NHS employees in Great Britain, Institute of Employment Studies (Robinson et al., 2004) points out that the key driver of employee engagement is a sense of feeling valued and involved.


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