Helping leaders improve organizational performance.

You have talented people and your finger on the pulse of the market. But without a sound business strategy, organizational alignment and a workplace culture that reinforces the right behaviors, you’re not maximizing performance and profitability. We can help you get there.

Culture, Leadership, & People Strategy Consultants

Supporting leaders through organizational change has been our focus for over 15 years. Where other consulting firms stop with a recommendations report and leave you to fend for yourself, we stick with our clients to whatever extent they need.

Our mission is to make you successful. We support you from behind the curtain, managing all the moving parts while you lead the change. When you partner with us, you will have a single point of contact and access to a deep well of knowledge, experience, and expertise from our staff and flexible subcontractor network of over 200 vetted professionals.

A typical engagement begins with a rigorous culture assessment to find the root of your organization’s challenges. From there, we work with you to design a tailored strategy to achieve the performance outcomes you desire.

How can we help?

We want to take the pulse of our organizational culture.
Truly advancing your workplace culture is only done by first understanding your organization’s current culture and performance goals. Our rigorous, mixed-method culture assessments bring clarity and alignment to your entire organization, so your team collectively understands where and how to improve.
We want to improve engagement and retention.
When employees have clarity and alignment around the organization’s culture and business objectives, they are empowered to do exceptional work. Our proven approach addresses the root of your engagement and retention challenges through a mix of custom-tailored experiences and ongoing measurement and evaluation.
We want to develop and align our leadership team.
From front-line managers to senior leaders, each organization has unique leadership requirements. Our team designs award-winning leadership development experiences at the individual, team, and organizational levels for maximum impact to your organization.
We want to increase sales and performance.
A positive relationship between employees and customers is critical for driving customer loyalty, brand recognition, and sales performance. We help ensure your culture is a competitive advantage, driving the bottom-line by promoting service excellence.
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Your qualified partner for navigating complex change.

Our global team helps organizations uncover the underlying causes of performance obstacles and empowers leaders to drive change through the lens of organizational culture and strategy. Our senior practitioners have real industry experience; not just textbook knowledge. No matter how small or large the engagement, our core staff and robust network of subject matter experts are able to scale and scope to provide whatever support you need to drive success.

Relatable Expertise

  • Over 15 years experience in corporate and government sectors.
  • A diverse, flexible team of qualified advisors.
  • Proven methodology that yields sustainable results.
  • Just-in-time surgical support when needed, where needed.
  • Offices in New York, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington D.C.

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The gC Difference

Flexible by design.
We’re continually adaptive in our approach. Our flexible business model allows our team to deliver better results and a more personalized experience than our competitors offer.
A rigorous approach.
We use a rigorous, mixed-methods approach to culture assessments, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data using proven methods. And while other consulting firms leave you with a binder full of numbers, we help translate your data into action at scale to drive change quickly.
Sustainable results.
We’ve developed a unique model for training internal change agents, so they are empowered to carry on your efforts long after we’re gone.
We make you the hero.
We operate behind the scenes, letting you be the face of change in your organization.

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