Welcome to the gothamCulture podcast where we talk about any topic you'd like so long as those topics are organizational culture, leadership, and people strategy. Questions?

In each episode, we talk with industry leaders and discuss culture opportunities and challenges in their workplace, providing you with actionable tips and strategies that you can implement in your organization.

The Great Resignation? Reshuffle? Reimagination? Renegotiation?​
Leading With a Learning Lens​
Leadership - Balancing the Act of Doing and the Art of Being​
Values and Organizational Justice at Work​
Return to Work Anxiety? You're Not Alone​
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Going Slow to Go Fast​
A Citizen-Centered Approach to Police Reform​
Storytelling in the Age of Disruption​
Mental Wellness and the Short- and Long-Term Impacts of the COVID Pandemic on Your Workforce​
Executive Coaching: Impacting Performance at all Levels of Leadership​
Customer Experience: Exceeding Your Customer's Expectations​
Organizational Culture Consulting: Turning Data Into Action​
Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations​