Culture Transformation

We help our clients understand their current culture and determine what the culture will need to look like in order to drive sustainable behavior change required for long-term success.

Organizational culture transformation is sometimes necessary and a “hard reset” is what it will take to compete in the next chapter of your organization. Enterprise transformation efforts are complex and culture plays a huge role. 

The gothamCulture Culture Transformation Approach:

Culture Transformation Process

Download a pdf of the Culture Transformation Process infographic here.

Any number of internal or external changes can cause misalignment and warrant an organizational shift. Whether it’s a change in leadership, merger or acquisition, reorganization, or changes in the market, the impact is the same: What used to feel effortless is now an uphill battle. Many organizations know when they are in need of change. Small issues in one area or department now seem systemic. Behaviors and attitudes about work are changing. Austerity, ambiguity, and productivity issues may be permeating.

Organizations recognize when there is a need for change, even if they don’t fully understand what needs changing or where to start in order to address these issues. We help our clients take a thoughtful approach to managing and leading their organizations through a culture change in ways that mitigate risk, engage key stakeholders, and ensure the new behaviors are quickly embedded into the “way people do things” day-to-day.

Through the proven success of our change management methodology, our consultants support clients in organizational culture change by assessing readiness for the change, identifying and closing skill and knowledge gaps through training, and developing strategic communication plans to ensure a successful implementation.

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