Case Studies

Read our case studies to see how we’ve helped clients improve their company’s culture and leadership performance. 

NYC Department of Education: Leadership Development

How the New York City Department of Education is training its next generation of leaders.

IT Department of Large Hospital System: Culture Transformation

How the IT Department of a large hospital system leveraged culture as a strategic business driver.

How Ascentra Credit Union took control of its culture.

Hyper Growth Tech Firm: Leadership Program Architecture

How a growing tech firm improved the delivery of critical management skills to its global managers through Leadership Principles and a Leadership Program Architecture.

Large Public Trust: Board Alignment

How a Board of Trustees achieved significant organizational alignment and change.

Reorienting culture for better business results. How JetBlue engaged crewmembers to solve their operational problems.

How we helped ProMedica develop high performance through the lens of leadership and culture.

How Comair created a clear case for change by gaining commitment from key stakeholders through engaging and creative methods.

How JetBlue started new conversations with crewmembers and help them reconnect with JetBlue’s mission.

Through a dialogue-design and facilitation process, gothamCulture led BCHN through a discovery process that would help them understand how culture makes or breaks the implementation of a strategic plan.

How gothamCulture helped to refine internal processes and leadership development for The Milspo Project.

How gothamCulture provided leadership coaching and training to improve operations in a U.S. Military Department.

How leaders in an  IT department gained insight into it’s culture, equipping themselves for future challenges.

Through a dialogue-design and facilitation process, gothamCulture led Workscapes through a process that would help them understand four main areas of opportunity for culture change.

A mass transit organization successfully developed leaders to better achieve culture change goals. 

gothamCulture helped a SaaS-based payroll and human capital management software articulate its culture to support growth.