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Case Studies

Learn how we've helped clients improve their organization's culture and leadership performance.

NYCT: Transforming a Key Role in NYC Transit to Enhance Customer Service and Rider Experience

In partnership with gothamCulture (gC), NYCT developed a comprehensive four-day training program for Station Agents, focusing on excellence in customer service.

Federal Agency Division: Removing Cultural and Operational Barriers in a Large Federal Agency

How a business center within a division of a large federal government agency identified areas for improving processes, technologies, customer experience, and culture.

State of Alaska Department of Revenue: Organizational Culture

How the State of Alaska Department of Revenue used data-driven decision-making to improve organizational culture, morale, and productivity.

NYC Department of Education: Leadership Development

How the New York City Department of Education is training its next generation of leaders.

Ascentra Credit Union: Culture Transformation

How Ascentra Credit Union took control of its culture. 

JetBlue: Process Improvement

Reorienting culture for better business results. How JetBlue engaged crewmembers to solve their operational problems.

IT Department of a Larger Hospital System: Culture Transformation

How the IT Department of a large hospital system leveraged culture as a strategic business driver.

Public Transit Authority: Alignment and Leadership Development

How a public transit authority achieved organizational alignment to achieve its goals. 

Tech Firm: Leadership Program Architecture

How a growing tech firm improved the delivery of critical management skills to its global managers through Leadership Principles and a Leadership Program Architecture.

Promedica: Leadership Development

How gothamCulture helped ProMedica develop high performance through the lens of leadership and culture.

Large Public Trust: Board Alignment

How a Board of Trustees achieved significant organizational alignment and change. 

Federal Government Agency: Onboarding Experience

gC helped improve the employee onboarding experience that was affecting productivity, work performance, engagement, morale, and retention. 

Comair: Organizational Change Management

How Comair created a clear case for change by gaining commitment from key stakeholders through engaging and creative methods.

The Milspo Project: Process Improvement

How gothamCulture helped to refine internal processes and leadership development for The Milspo Project.

jetBlue: Culture of Service Excellence

How jetBlue started new conversations with crew members and help them reconnect with jetBlue’s mission.

Bronx Community Health Network: Change Management

Through a dialogue-design and facilitation process, gothamCulture led BCHN through a discovery process that would help them understand how culture makes or breaks the
implementation of a strategic plan.

U.S. Military Department: Leadership Development

How gothamCulture provided leadership coaching and training to improve operations in a U.S. Military Department.

IT Department of a Large School System: Culture Assessment

How leaders in an  IT department gained insight into its culture, equipping themselves for future challenges.

Saas-Based Payroll & Management Company: Culture Articulation

How gothamCulture helped a SaaS-based payroll and human capital management software articulate its culture to support growth.

Workscapes: Culture Assessment

Through a dialogue-design and facilitation process, gothamCulture led Workscapes through a process that would help them understand four main areas of opportunity for culture change.

Mass Transit Organization: Leadership Development

A mass transit organization successfully developed leaders to better achieve culture change goals.