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Podcast: Leadership – Balancing the Act of Doing and the Art of Being

In this episode, Kate Gerasimova, Senior Associate at gothamCulture talks with Kimberly Penharlow, Certified Leadership & Performance Coach and Organization Psychologist, about leadership which is a delicate balance between the act of doing and the art of being. The act about how you are getting things done and very transactional. This year’s focus is the art of being, art of being a leader, in relationship with

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Talk too much

Do I Talk Too Much?

One day during a coaching session, an executive asked me, “How do I know if I’m talking too much?” The question had emerged from the

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shiny pennies

Shiny Pennies

We’ve all experienced shiny pennies. As children, it seemed so magical to hold a newly-minted penny, as it sparkled in the light of day. When

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