People Strategy Consulting

Attract, retain, and grow your employees to best accomplish your company's mission.

Our team supports clients with the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive people strategy that put people at the heart of your business. From advisory support to full business process outsourcing, the gothamCulture team is capable of supporting your most complex people strategy needs. 

We are equipped to support clients in the following areas:

Strategic People Planning

Designing a process that proactively anticipates future hiring and retention needs in order to meet business goals.

People Analytics

We help leaders make better decisions about their workforce by applying statistical principles and technology to large sets of data.

Employee Engagement

The process of understanding the current state of employee engagement and finding approaches to create lasting change.

Surveys & Assessments

Enabling your decision making by collecting the right data at the right time to support your workforce strategy.

Performance Management

The process of ensuring your workforce’s actions contribute to the organization’s goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Process Improvement

Identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes to optimize performance and meet best practice standards.

Reward and Recognition

Ensuring that the systems and processes within your business reinforce the behaviors you need to thrive.