People Strategy Consulting

Our team supports clients with the development, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive people strategy that put people at the heart of your business.

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Attract, Retain, and Grow Your Employees

People are the heart of every successful business. Our People Strategy Consulting services are designed to help you attract, retain, and grow your employees by developing, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive people strategies. Our capabilities include:

Strategic People Planning

We partner with senior management and HR to develop people-centered solutions and provide ongoing assistance to execute and refine your strategic people plans. This ensures that your workforce is prepared and aligned with your business goals, driving success through well-planned and executed strategies.

People Analytics

We use statistical methods and technology to analyze talent data, enabling data-driven decision-making. Our advanced data analysis enhances your hiring processes by identifying the best candidates based on solid data, not just gut feelings. We also help you understand and mitigate employee turnover, boost engagement, and optimize job roles by accurately matching them with the ideal candidates.

Process Improvement

We blend culture assessments with and proven methodologies to improve efficiency and reduce waste. By evaluating and enhancing your organizational culture, we help you stay competitive. Our focus on capability building optimizes job roles and provides ongoing education to deepen team expertise.

Surveys & Assessments

Our services include custom survey design and pulse surveys to collect continuous feedback, helping you stay connected with your organization’s dynamics. We gather and interpret data to support decision-making and create targeted strategies based on accurate, timely information. This comprehensive approach ensures you have the insights needed to drive long-term success and make confident, high-quality decisions.

Drive Your Business Forward

By choosing gothamCulture for your People Strategy Consulting needs, you gain a partner dedicated to putting your people at the center of your business strategy.

Our comprehensive services ensure you have the insights and tools necessary to build a thriving, engaged workforce that drives your business forward.