U.S. Military Department: Leadership Development


A U.S. military department tasked with the collection and evaluation of data and processes, recognized the need to identify shortfalls and restructure best practices to improve operations within the department and strengthen collaboration with higher-level organizations. The department teamed with gothamCulture to pursue these changes and has been engaged in strategic development ever since.


For five years, gothamCulture provided executive coaching and support to the department, as well as key leaders within the organization. The impact of this work has facilitated the identification of opportunities for improvement in multiple key areas within the department’s purview, such as aircraft, weapons systems, emerging technologies, and cyber programs. After identifying opportunities for improvement, gothamCulture designed and guided implementation of next steps toward heightened performance across critical U.S. military and defense programs.

Comprehensive strategic planning management and leadership development have also been integral to gothamCulture’s support of the department. gothamCulture has worked directly with the organization’s strategy team and command stakeholders and has supported execution teams across personnel affected by high-level planning efforts.

There has also been a focus on guiding the department through a culture shift away from policing roles and responsibilities, toward being a collaborative part of the broader community within the department’s military branch. This work will allow the department to evolve from a reactive, post-assessment agency into a proactive, productive partner for sustainable change and higher performance within the branch.

Also as part of the engagement, gothamCulture is providing organizational strategy development, management, accountability, and continuous process improvement. We are also supporting leadership development, change management, policy analysis, and analytic support.


gothamCulture provided the data-informed objectives, coaching, trainings, and tools needed to ensure the organization’s services and duties on military branch platforms are planned, managed and conducted effectively. With a solid foundation of organizational strategy development, leadership support, policy analysis, and process improvement through this extended partnership, the department has made steady progress toward its goals.