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Executive coaching is a structured process that helps leaders reach their full potential and empowers them to drive individual, team, and organizational performance.

Skills and knowledge aren’t enough to ensure your executives become great leaders. The key to a leader’s success is applying their skills and knowledge in the day-to-day, on real business requirements.

An experienced executive coaching firm like ours helps high performing individuals reach their full potential by helping determine what’s holding them back, then designing and implementing a plan to help overcome obstacles.

How will executive coaching help you?

Our four-step approach to executive coaching will ensure you’re set up for success:

1. Coach Matching. Every individual has unique needs for their development. The first step is selecting the right coach with the expertise, experience, and style that best fits your needs.

2. Engagement kickoff. During our engagement kick-off, your coach will work with you to select an executive sponsor, determine your goals, set expectations, and set a coaching schedule.

3. Coaching sessions. You will meet with your executive coach for 60 to 90 minutes, typically every other week.

4. Close-out meeting. As you reach the end of your coaching sessions, your coach will help review your progress so far, review key takeaways, and outline next steps.

Whether you want to move to the next level, learn new leadership or management skills, or achieve more work/life balance, our experienced executive coaches can help.


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“My executive coaching experience with gothamCulture has clearly impacted my company’s bottom line through my increased personal effectiveness. My ability to direct and lead people has strengthened the level of respect, influence, and relationships I have with others. I highly recommend such a confidential and helpful approach.”

– Vice President, Marketing, Footlocker


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