Is your team struggling to figure out how to work together moving forward? 

Introducing Team Reboot, a six-part, live, online process designed to address the immediate team and management needs in response to the massive disruption caused by the pandemic. Your team may have experienced a lot of change with team members, leaders, and ways of working. 

gothamCulture’s Team Reboot provides a structured process for reclaiming your collective purpose and paving a clear path forward.

The Team Reboot process includes:

  • Six facilitated team alignment sessions
  • Pre- and Post-team assessments
  • Concurrent executive sponsor coaching support

Team Sessions:

Reclaiming Purpose: 

Where are we now and where are we going? The purpose of this session is to ground participants in their experiences and support them in re-calibrating their collective purpose as a a team in response to the changes. 

Reestablishing Trust:

What can we still do to re-instill a sense of trust? In this session, we will focus on exploring these issues and enabling the team to re-establish that sense of trust, even when the team has shifted to remote work. 

Bridging Gaps:

How can we leverage our collective assets to move forward? In this session, teams will reflect on their collective skills and knowledge to be leveraged to fulfill this purpose. Teams will also identify their collective learning gaps that need to be filled to achieve the newly defined purpose.

Fostering Collaboration:

What can we do to work better together? In this session, we will explore the different ways in which teams can collective brainstorm and engage in candid feedback to foster remote collaboration and connectedness. 

Resolving Conflict:

How can we manage conflict and have difficult conversations? In this session, we will focus on why it is important to manage conflict and how to go about having difficult conversations on virtual teams. 

Paving a Clear Path:

What does the road ahead look like? In this wrap up session, participants will reflect on what they have learned in this program and share any potential roadblocks they envision encountering and how they might plan to overcome them.