The ADDIS Methodology

Our approach to organizational culture change is designed to help organizations yield sustainable performance results. We offer customized organizational development experiences at the individual, team, and organizational levels that connect culture, people strategy, and leadership to yield significant and sustainable results.

Through measurable, coachable, accountable, and transformational development experiences, the leaders with whom we work are better prepared to steer their organizations through the most demanding challenges.

Over a decade of experience and research has helped us craft and refine our proven approach to leadership and change management. Our ADDIS methodology has been proven to show significant performance improvement for our clients.

Our experienced organizational culture change and leadership consultants know that no two organizations are alike, and we spend the necessary time it takes to understand the unique drivers of our clients’ challenges and design a customized approach to helping them reach and sustain high-performance cultures.


A rigorous assessment process utilizes surveys, qualitative data collection methods, and facilitated processes with stakeholders to gain a deep and multifaceted understanding of the existing situation.


Through a series of purposeful conversations, we seek to provide clarity and alignment around the current state and define desired behaviors to effectively drive performance moving forward.


A comprehensive plan is developed in order to build inclusion, momentum, and sustainability of the change effort.


A variety of interventions are designed to drive tangible action, ranging from the organization-wide to individually-specific. Incorporating an element of coaching helps to reinforce the behavior change that is required to sustain performance.


Proven reinforcement mechanisms help to ensure that positive cultural drivers and new leader behaviors are embedded throughout existing systems and processes. Periodic reassessment of cultural health, leadership team alignment, and specific leader behaviors provides opportunities to course-correct in order to achieve desired results in a highly dynamic work environment.