The Relationship Between Your “Center” and Your Confidence

Find your center

“Do you need to find your center to discover your confidence, or do you first find your confidence in order to be centered?”

I asked a client this question once during a session.

It first elicited a look of surprise, then a slight smile, followed by a long moment of reflection and silence.  I sat quietly attending to the client, providing time for that pause to allow self-reflection and a building of awareness.

The answer began to emerge in a series of statements interspersed with thoughtful looks from the client:

“Well, I guess I never thought about it…”

“I think I’m always confident, but then again your question makes me think that I am not sure what being centered means…”

“Maybe they are both so interrelated that I didn’t notice the distinction.”

The conversation continued:

“What does ‘being centered’ mean to you?” I asked.

“Well, it means I experience a feeling of firm ground, understanding the issues I am facing and the people with whom I interact,” the client answered.

“Tell me more” I said. Read More…

gothamCulture’s James O’Flaherty addresses Imposter Syndrome on Veterans Administration C20 Webcast

James O'Flaherty, gothamCulture

gothamCulture Senior Associate James O’Flaherty was a guest on the Veteran’s Administration (VA) C20 Webcast “The Anxiety of Perfection: Confronting Imposter Syndrome.” James is a former US Marine Captain and holds a master’s degree in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. He brought his personal military experience and educational background to the conversation which included:

  • What imposter syndrome is and how it affects us all
  • Common themes regarding imposter syndrome among Veterans transitioning from active duty
  • The types of Veterans who tend to experience imposter syndrome
  • How imposter syndrome impacts behaviors and outcomes for Veterans coming off active duty
  • How Veterans can combat the effects of imposter syndrome when moving into the civilian workforce

James wrote an article on the topic “Imposter at Arms” in 2020.

C20 is a twice-a-week, 20-minute, live VA webcast hosted by Dr. Chad Kessler, National Program Director for VHA Emergency Medicine, and VA subject matter experts from the field who join him to address today’s hottest topics.

View the episode replay here. (His interview starts at 10:05 minutes into the episode)