Our commitment to community.

commitment to communityWe’ve been extremely fortunate to grow gothamCulture into a leading consultancy and we realize that it has been, in no small part, to the many friends, family members, advisors and just generally good folks who have dedicated their time and expertise at times when it was most needed. In order to pay it forward, we dedicate a significant amount of our time providing skills-based pro-bono support services to organizations in need. Currently we are honored to serve GLAAD and The Weekly Fight.  

gothamCulture helped our young non-profit define our objectives, plan for the future, and get to the heart of what matters most to our customers and members. Their generosity and reliability are shown in how they do the tiniest of tasks. You would be hard-pressed to find a team as professional and knowledgeable. ELIZABETH BOARDMAN | Executive Director, The Milspo Project (MilSpoProject.org)

Working with gothamCulture was a life-changing experience both personally and professionally. I had gotten so wrapped up in just keeping our doors open and our store profitable I didn’t know what our vision was anymore. Defining our mission and vision gave me direction again and I was able to pass that vision on to our staff. The leadership coaching taught me how to be a better leader, not only in my business but in our community. ASHLEY THOMPSON | Owner, Pressed

Culture Change is a Complex Process

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