Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

our approach to organizational development

As our company grows, we find ourselves in the honored position of working with an ever-increasing number people and organizations representing a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. At the same time, many of our clients are working to build awareness and understanding within their own employee populations to ensure more sensitive and productive interactions among their workforce.

At gothamCulture, we are aware of our unique role and ability to address the concerns and needs of our clients to increase equity for all, and we have made a commitment to increase our understanding and awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion, and to expand our capacity, as facilitators, advisors, and consultants, in order to be keenly sensitive to understanding and learning about people with varying backgrounds.

Given this, we realize there is always more we can do – at the individual and company level – to make sure that the work we are doing promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. We hope that our commitments below will continue to lead to larger actions and deep learning that will help us – and our community of practitioners – continue to develop our capacity in this space.

Our Commitment


On a regular basis, we will review our presentation and facilitation materials to ensure content is culturally sensitive. We will address potential content and presentations so they do not reflect unconscious bias.


We will continue to bring more deliberate conversations around equity, diversity, and inclusion into our coaching conversations with facilitators. As the people in the room charged with creating an environment of trust and learning, we see this as a capability that our facilitators need to embrace. We encourage our facilitators to give each other feedback – specific, observable, and impactful. We encourage an open and trusting environment amongst our own staff and contractors, with total honesty and total kindness, and reinforce our commitment to a culture of inclusivity.


We recognize the impact that a facilitator’s insensitive comments or response to a participant’s culture can create resentment and distrust, and can affect the psychological safety throughout the room. It is imperative that our facilitators have the skills to work with people of all different cultures, identities, and lived experiences – this includes a level of radical self-awareness, on the part of our facilitators, of their own biases and privilege and how that may impact their facilitation.


We will continue our efforts to diversify our staff and vendor relationships. We know that awareness and self-management is only one piece of the puzzle. As gothamCulture grows, we are committed to hiring and working with a diverse pool of professionals. We continue to search for a broad bench of facilitators, and we regularly attend events to recruit greater diversity. We will also continue to host diversity fairs, bringing our team, our subcontractors, and our clients together.


We will share our practices and learnings. We will ensure accountability through the request and collection of feedback from our clients, participants, and other stakeholders, and we will share and learn from those experiences. We believe that by sharing and learning with each other, we can strengthen our existing practice and commitments to better serve our employees and society as a whole. Through a regular Community of Practice, we will encourage open participation and dialogue amongst our facilitator community.