Our strategic planning services assess the “as-is” state of the organization through both qualitative and quantitative data. We then support our clients in determining and operationalizing the “to-be” state.

Our four-step strategic planning process, outlined below, begins with determining market position and understanding the current realities of the operating environment.

Strategic Planning Process Chart

Next, your strategic plan is developed using a balanced scorecard approach to focus in on key areas and objectives that will help organizations drive performance, our team helps identify a holistic set of organizational objectives. For each objective, we support clients in designing and operationalizing goals, and in identifying and tracking key metrics that will help track progress.

We also utilize Scenario Planning, which uses Risk Management and Real-Life Probability Scenarios to test your strategy and plans to ensure that the plan in place can indeed help the senior leadership make higher-quality decisions on behalf of the organization.

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nandos canada

“Needing to create strategy and direction for our South African originated business with hundreds of locations worldwide, we called on gothamCulture. They quickly grasped the organization’s temperature and provided pragmatic feedback as a “deep dive” into the culture. With professional advice and guidance, we immediately implemented action plans. They displayed personal vested interest in our success and went far beyond the call of duty. With their involvement, we’ve been able to continue to grow our business while preserving our unique brand.”

– CEO, Nando’s Canada

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