Our leadership team alignment services will ensure your entire leadership team is aligned around the same organizational priorities, so they can work together to drive performance results.

When a new leader joins your team, they bring their own experience and style to the role. But what happens when their leadership style doesn’t mesh with the rest of the team? Leadership team alignment helps bring clarity and alignment across the organization, so your leaders can more effectively help their teams succeed.

Leadership team alignment

We help leadership teams align around the core essentials that drive their collective success. Utilizing gothamCulture’s high-performing team methodology as the framework, we design and facilitate customized team alignment programs that incorporate quantitative and qualitative data to address the areas that will have the most impact on for the leadership team.

New team/leader assimilation

Our coaches can help get your team formed the right way from the start through a series of facilitated sessions. This process helps teams develop rules of working together, clarifies roles and responsibilities, sets decision-making criteria, and helps to create trust among all members of the team.

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