Kevin Schneider, Operations Director at gothamCulture, has over six years of experience managing projects and providing analytic support to a diverse portfolio of clientele. He previously served as an Operations Associate at The Bradford Management Group.

Kevin currently provides the Department of Navy Test & Evaluation with project management and analytical support in their efforts to capture a baseline of their Research Development Test & Evaluation capabilities across the Navy. This initiative will enable the Navy to leverage a unique position of analyses when reviewing its infrastructure.

Kevin is responsible for meeting facilitation, data analysis, capture of issues and resolutions, and project reporting. He has assisted with re-organizational design planning for a Naval Air Systems Command division. Kevin utilized results from a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Analysis held at multiple off-sites to present various re-organization options weighed by stakeholder-defined priorities. This resulted in a new department to better execute their mission and the development of a communication plan to increase visibility across the organization.

Kevin worked with the Department of Navy Test & Evaluation’s Lead for Workforce Development to examine the training opportunities across the Department of Defense for employees. Responding to the issue that many employees were not participating in training because they were unsure of what was available, Kevin, his colleagues, and the Workforce Development Lead surveyed the available training opportunities and what requirements those training opportunities were meeting. A training catalog was subsequently developed and distributed across the Department of Defense.

He participated in the design, facilitation, and management of the 2011 U.S. Navy Modernization Process (NMP) Forum. From Six Sigma process mapping and improvement, to Modernization issue identification across a national stakeholder database, Mr. Schneider and his colleagues provided a methodology for Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) for the future modernization of all Naval ships.

Kevin co-edited the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA 04) 2011-2012 Strategic Guidance. This document outlined the Strategic Management Process and desired end states that The Bradford Management Group had developed with NAVSEA 04.

Kevin received his BA from Fairfield University in International Studies.

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