Cathy Carter, Senior Associate at gothamCulture, is passionate about increasing the effectiveness of leader behavior, culture and engagement to positively influence results by connecting development to strategy and key business objectives. Cathy collaborates with clients to improve leadership effectiveness and team alignment by focusing on guiding principles of leadership, communication and effective talent management.

Cathy is dedicated to helping businesses strengthen the capacity of talent within their organizations by leading purpose-driven programs focused on leveraging the value of people development, culture alignment and effective and influential leader behavior that ultimately drive results. Her holistic approach to talent development is based on the integration of critical skill factors, both technical and behavioral, and influencing those elements to pursue collective achievement.

She provides executive coaching services through the lens of self-awareness and facilitates coaching engagements by using a blended use of leadership assessments, 360 data collection, and insightful discussion strategically designed to accelerate professional development.

Cathy has designed, facilitated and managed a spectrum of talent initiatives including executive development, high potential cohort programs for senior leaders, management workshops and learning suites at the individual contributor level. She also lends her expertise to engagement surveys, learning measurement, and the design of leadership conferences. Her experience spans a variety of industries from finance and technology to corporate retail firms.

Cathy holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations from The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a MA in Organizational Leadership from The Graduate Institute.