Our team of experienced organizational development consultants has been helping leaders navigate change for over a decade. Our core staff and extensive network of subject matter experts are able to scale and scope to provide the support organizations of any size need to drive success.


Our Staff

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Kevin Schneider

Operations Director

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Senior Associate

Kate Gerasimova


Andrea Bennett

Marketing Coordinator


Partner Firms

Denison Consulting

Denison Consulting provides research-based solutions and consulting support to build high-performance business cultures. Leveraging their widely-used diagnostics, they improve the performance of leaders, teams, and organizations by improving their corporate culture and leadership.

At the core of Denison’s approach is the Denison Model. Based on over two decades of empirical research linking organizational culture and leadership to business outcomes, it measures the essential traits of all organizations and creates the foundation for a variety of change solutions.

Action Resources

Action Resources is a woman-owned small business and has a global network of facilitators, consultants, executive coaches and course designers who provide customized solutions to support their clients’ talent development strategies. Action Resources offers a wide range of resources for all levels of staff and partners with clients across industries on small and large-scale initiatives.

MAIN | GATE Productions

MAIN | GATE is a full-service video production firm specializing in commercial media, broadcast television, and documentary film.

MAIN | GATE works extensively with the United States military and has proven themselves a valuable partner through their nimble, non-intrusive approach and ability to quickly film at any global (and often remote) location. Through their documentary film and television development work, their core team expanded into commercial media with a significant emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry, where they produce content for some of the largest global biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


ProHabits is an enterprise software for high-performing teams. Workplace is crazy busy. Meanwhile, people are indulging in social media, rewiring our brain to consume bite-sized content. ProHabits designs and delivers micro-actions via a rewarding platform. They translate your workshops, videos, training and development initiatives into simple and visual micro-actions. The technology is “login free”. Notifications arrive via email or text.