Chelsea Weber, Senior Associate at gothamCulture, is personally dedicated to the genuine inclusion of the diverse groups involved in change efforts through deep dialogue, skilled facilitation, and systems thinking. At gothamCulture, Chelsea leads the design and facilitation of leadership development interventions for public and private sector clients. She also leads organizational culture change projects, lending her passion for stakeholder involvement to the process and providing clients with recommendations for organizational transformation that stick.

Chelsea holds a Master of Science in Organizational Change Management from The New School, where she focused on the study of how dialogue functions within different types of organizations and conducted numerous capacity-building projects with NYC non-profits. She brings four years of experience in the field of international community development and training to her current work, including the design and facilitation of training events with the United States Peace Corps and the Panamanian Ministry of Education. This experience impacts Chelsea’s work in Organizational Development through her strong sense of mission, creative approaches to low-resourced environments, and her ability to navigate professional relationships across cultures and levels within an organization.

Chelsea has been described as a dynamic facilitator who finds interactive ways to engage participants. She leads groups to understand complex concepts and achieve personal development in inclusive, learning-oriented contexts. When working with leaders at any level, she is patient, deliberate, but above all, light-hearted.

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