2022 State of Culture Report
Sponsorship Opportunities

gothamCulture and the GOCI research team are actively recruiting sponsors for the 2022 State of Culture report. We recently launched the 2022 State of Culture Survey, a 20-min survey for business leaders, decision-makers, and HR professionals to share how organizations are reacting to, adapting to, and intentionally shaping their cultures to thrive. So if you haven’t taken the survey yet, this is your chance!

For those unfamiliar with the State of Culture report, it provides an independent view into the aspects of organizational culture and climate that link to a variety of performance outcomes as well as the practices that drive results in the day-to-day. Read last year’s 2021 State of Culture report for an example of the content.

The data for the report comes from a 70-item survey we developed that consists of a wide variety of items pertaining to organizational culture, climate, and performance including, items focusing on returning to the office, the “Great Resignation”, practices, values, and resources.

We are looking for sponsors who are focused on helping organizations of all sizes and industries to develop and deliver solutions to support organizational culture initiatives. This is a chance to put your organization in front of key business leaders and professionals from around the world.

Contact us to partner on this important research at (212) 372-7382 or info@gothamCulture.com