gothamCulture and Global Organizational Culture Institute (GOCI) Releases 2021 State of Culture Report

Press Release

July 7, 2021

New York, NY – gothamCulture and the Global Organizational Culture Institute (GOCI) released the first annual 2021 State of Culture Report on July 7, 2021.

The 2021 State of Culture Report is the culmination of a year of research on a global scale of 241 respondents across local, national, and global organizations. From this research, we extracted key insights into the aspects of organizational culture and climate that link to a variety of performance outcomes as well as the practices that drive results in the day-to-day.

Some key findings from the study include:

  • Having a common culture definition and leadership involvement in setting the definition can have a significantly positive impact on organizations’ performance.
  • It is valuable for organizations to invest in the appropriate assessment of culture in order to proactively shape it to meet the needs of their situation and achieve performance.
  • It is important for organizations to demonstrate serious consideration and thought when it comes to social justice issues as it significantly impacts their performance.

For more insights to read the entire 2021 State of Culture Report.

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About the Global Organizational Culture Institute (GOCI)
Founded in 2020, the Global Organizational Culture Institute (GOCI) is dedicated to conducting research on the topic of organizational culture in order to understand what factors drive performance outcomes. GOCI’s research serves as the foundation for the annual State of Culture Study and associated reports. Learn more at:


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