Our 7 Best Organizational Culture Articles of 2016

7 best organizational culture articles 2016

Since day one, my goal as marketing manager at gothamCulture has been to promote our team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of workplace culture.

We have a diverse group of folks here, with over sixty years combined experience in culture change, leadership development, and strategic planning for both private and public organizations of all sizes. We understand that while most people know what organizational culture is, not everyone is an expert on the subject, and we take great pride in our relatable approach to helping leaders learn to navigate today’s ever-changing business landscape.

I strive to make this blog a hub of valuable information that reflects this relatable expertise, and over the past year, we’ve written some great articles that do just that.

Here, I’ve collected our seven most popular articles about organizational culture change for 2016. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

People Analytics: Why Methodology Matters More than Data

By Claire Taylor

“No matter what we find, we need to ask ourselves why it matters. What is the value? Can we take action based on what’s been learned? Is there anything that could be done differently based on what we know? Though it’s easy to be seduced by pretty graphs and low p-values, these do not tell us anything that makes life better for our stakeholders.”

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The Power of Pattern Disruption as a Vehicle for Change

By Cary Paul

“In the professional world, pattern disruption is an effective tool for problem solving, results generation, and team engagement. It is widely accepted that our best growth and development comes from when we break past our ‘norms’ and get ourselves into challenges, tasks, or jobs that stretch us outside of our comfort zone.”

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Are We Really in “Dialogue”? Or Are We Just Talking?

By Chelsea Weber

“Often, we don’t actually know what we mean when we say the word ‘dialogue,’ yet we expect it to work. Are we just talking to people, or does dialogue entail something more? And if it does, what does that look like?”

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Why Employee Retention Should Focus on More than Millennials

By Anton Rius

“Most organizations still regard Millennials as somehow different than their Gen X or Boomer co-workers, but do these assumed differences really hold any weight in the workplace? Or are these stereotypes merely a byproduct of a business environment that looks starkly different than it did 20 years ago?”

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The Surprising Power of Appreciation at Work

By Chris Cancialosi

“How do we move away from negativity in the workplace? The good news is, whether positive or negative, emotions spread. If you can begin to intentionally express positive emotions, like gratitude, in your organization, it can eventually turn the mood around.”

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How to Find Positive Return on Leadership Development

By Cary Paul

“Leadership development is a fairly common phrase in business. Most professionals understand and appreciate leadership development for its intangible benefits: growing our cadre of business leaders, improving our workforce, developing core skills such as communication and management. It’s all those things, AND it’s more.”

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The New Guard: How to Develop and Retain Millennial Leaders

By Chelsea Weber

“Millennial managers are poised to fill the leadership gap left in the wake of waves of baby boomer retirements, and the impending challenge is to both retain and develop these fresh leaders. Organizations will need to make adjustments for this generation or risk losing talent that no longer accepts the principle of long-held tenure or hierarchical advancement. As this generation ages, we may see just how different leadership looks. For now, it’s crucial to provide the right opportunities and climate for that new style to grow.”

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