Using Your Culture to Attract Top Talent – Forbes

Hopefully, your company culture is helping you retain employees. But is it helping you attract top talent like it should be?

Many businesses overlook how important their cultures are in recruiting valuable employees. By developing an intentional culture that celebrates learning, you can make your business appealing to those interested in joining your driven team.

In this article, Chris Cancialosi discusses how to attract top talent and propel the talent you currently have to reach its full potential.

Culture Change is a Complex Process

Make sense of it with actionable advice from experts on the front lines.

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Chris Cancialosi

Partner at gothamCulture
Chris Cancialosi is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and organizational development with particular focus on the leader’s role in shaping high-performing culture.
Chris effectively combines his operational field experience with his knowledge of organizational psychology to provide unique and practical solutions to today’s ever changing business landscape.
Chris Cancialosi