organizational culture and leadership consultants

At gothamCulture, we focus on identifying the underlying causes of organizational obstacles and assisting leaders to develop and execute breakthrough strategies that elevate their performance. We provide critical and thought-provoking leadership consulting services to leaders who desire to use organizational culture as a key driver of performance. Our staff of consultants, as well as our associate network of highly skilled and diverse professionals, spans North America, providing targeted support at just the right time to meet your organization’s needs.


Hear from our Team:

Our style.

We bring a relatable expertise to bear on our client engagements. Subject matter expertise without the ego is who we are. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. We live our values and we create meaningful and memorable processes that position our clients to achieve results.

Our experience.

We have over a decade of experience focusing on organizational culture and leadership. We have formed long-standing relationships with many of the foremost thought leaders in this field and we have established a reputation for driving change with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Our focus.

As our core business, we focus on shaping culture in ways that drive business performance. We pride ourselves in making culture tangible for our clients so they can quantify and understand exactly how their culture is impacting their ability to perform and how it may need to evolve in order to get them the result they are looking for.

Our empirically validated tools and methodologies.

We have refined our culture assessment and evolution process with hundreds of clients over the course of the last decade. We utilize only the most effective tools in our work and we rely on assessments that have been empirically validated and have withstood the test of time.

Our results.

Significant and sustainable performance improvements are where the rubber meets the road. We have a track record of yielding such results; that’s why our clients engage us over the long-term.

Our ability to support any size culture change effort.

Our robust network of associates, located around the world, is highly skilled and experienced in a variety of specialties, ensuring our ability to support a wide range of client needs. Our ability to build custom project teams to support large-scale initiatives gives us a unique edge in the market.

Our willingness to go the distance.

We don’t cut and run when the hard work is just beginning; we define our success by what happens after the recommendations are delivered. We pride ourselves in supporting our clients’ change efforts to any extent necessary, ensuring they’re set up for success.

Our ability to train internal staff to carry on the work once we depart.

Many of our clients, especially in large, geographically dispersed organizations, desire our advisors to train their internal change agents in order to effectively cascade and sustain their cultural change efforts. We have developed a unique and powerful model for doing so. Once internal resources are able to drive the change, we can be called upon to step in only when needed to ensure that results are achieved quickly and efficiently.

Our E-Brochure delves a bit deeper into our strategy and why our clients hire us.